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What we do

We are experts in writing and designing clear health communications. We translate scientific and medical information into target-group-oriented messages, be it for physicians, health staff or patients. 


We test our results to make sure the information meets the needs. A real concern of ours is to explore innovative ways to communicate about evidence and risk.

Research – Design – Implementation – Idea generation – Consulting

Medical Communications

We devise appropriate publication strategies, assist with literature research, write and summarize. We also design presentations and slide kits, folders and flyers.

Medical writing – Content development – Presentation design – Health literacy consulting

Medical Infographics & Data Visualization

We love good information design and appreciate the chances of visual communication. We display data, facts and figures in the appropriate style. But we also investigate the visual and graph literacy as a prerequisite for understanding. 

Visual design – Visual and graph literacy consulting

Medical E-Learning

We plan, develop, deliver and maintain online courses and modules. We proceed according to the PAS 1032-1, a reference model for quality management and quality assurance of processes and offers in learning, education and training. In addition, we provide professional training on script writing for e-learning.

E-Learning – Training – Quality management

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